About Us

Teacher Recruiting and Assessment  

Teacher Support Network (TSN) was founded in 2001 with the goal to help schools and school districts recruit and retain the highest quality teacher for every classroom.

We begin with a teaching candidate database of over 150,000 certified and lateral entry candidates across all key disciplines, including the high-need subject areas of special education, bilingual, ESL, math and science. We then ensure a candidate's preparedness by assessing him/her against a set of foundation skills utilizing our TeacherKeys assessment, built upon ACT's WorkKeys platform. We also evaluate their softer approach to teaching by assessing their personal attributes: compassion, integrity, workplace habits and commitment to high ideals.

Beyond recruiting and assessment, we also have discreet modules to support application tracking, hiring and finishing, workforce/ NCLB reporting and a completely outsourced Induction/ Pre-service Orientation Academy to ensure the newly placed teachers receive the pedagogical support and the on-going teaching community support and mentoring required to ensure their success. In total, it's a comprehensive approach to the teaching candidate continuum, which we believe provides dramatic results - more cost-effective recruitment and placement and improvements to long-term retention!