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The Advantages to Earning Your Master's Degree in Education

The advantages to earning your master's degree in Education are many; such as increased salary and benefits, more learned knowledge of said content to be taught, improved teaching strategies, and a better understanding of classroom management techniques. Typically, after a teacher earns his or her master's degree, schools will offer between a 5% and 14% pay increase, depending on the state and school district. In fact, in many states such as New York, Ohio, and Massachusetts, earning your master?s degree within five years after signing your first teaching contract is required. As you know, improving upon and growing as an educator, has far reaching effects not only on the teacher themselves, but on the students and communities that they teach in.

Interviewing Tips and Strategies

Preparing for an interview can be a daunting task, but luckily we have compiled a list of the top fifteen questions to help you with the process.

Benefits and Challenges of Teaching in an Urban School

Urban schools are always in need of talented, passionate teachers who want to make a difference in the lives of their students. It is important to understand that urban districts will offer some challenges.

Research Teaching Degree Programs

Furthering your education will help you advance your career goals, whether you are currently an educator or are considering becoming a teacher. Online degree programs are rising to the forefront as an option for working teachers. Some programs are more affordable and more relevant than others. In addition, accreditation is an important factor.

No Time to Waste: The Vital Role of College and University Leaders in Improving Science and Mathematics Education

By Ted Sanders
President, Education Commission of the States

Not since the Soviet Union's launch of the Sputnik satellite – 47 years ago this week – has the need to improve science and mathematics education in America been as clear and as urgent as it is today. And never has it been more apparent that the pivot point for change and improvement is the nation's teachers and the institutions that train them.

Education Jobs Among Fastest Growing Nationwide

The discipline of education is one of the largest markets for degrees and credentials offered by colleges and universities. In fact, the number of students seeking education jobs has risen significantly in recent years. Eduventures estimates that, in terms of the tuition revenue, the field of education as a curricular area is an $11.1 billion market in the 2003-2004 academic year.

Opportunities Abound for Special Education Teachers

The job outlook for special education teachers is strong. It is estimated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that more than 77,000 new jobs in special education will be added over the next decade.

Wanted: Teachers Seeking to Relocate

Where are the best places to look for teaching jobs in the United States? While many candidates have family, home, or community ties that prevent them from relocating to a new city, there seems to be an increasing number of college graduates who are excited about the opportunities to relocate to new areas, begin their teaching career, and experience a new lifestyle.