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Terms, Conditions and Privacy Policy Governing Access and Use of the Teachers Support Network website (

Teachers Support Network takes privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy applies to all of our online visitors. We take strong measures to protect your privacy. For candidates, we ask only that you provide information that we need in order to deliver the service you have requested. Furthermore, we only share your information with prospective employers or with our strategic partners when we believe it will be advantageous to you for us to do so. This is an important point as it pertains to all salient information, including personal data, work history, education, reference data and optional self-assessment performance data, including TSN's TeacherKeys - Powered by ACT WorkKeys and actual WorkKeys test results themselves. Use of the website indicates your that you have read and agree to abide by the following policies.

Services that Require Personal Information

Throughout the process of creating a personal portfolio/ resume, we will request that you provide personally identifiable information. All of this information is requested with the specific intent of enabling potential employment with our school district partners; some of the information is required for our matching services, others is optional - in each case, the information requested in delineated appropriately.

To best serve school members, the following information is required from each schools: school building and district name, address, city, state, and zip code; school type; first and last name, position, phone number, email address of the main contact for the school account; number of schools the account will serve; purchase order number for account billing purposes.

The following areas are optional: school web site address, school mission statement/philosophy, description and photos of the school, and general school neighborhood; contact fax number.

As candidates or schools, you indicate your wish to participate in this service by checking a box on the electronic form.

We will not share your personally identifiable information with any third party, unless we need to in order to provide you the service you have purchased or you give us permission to share.

The information collected and stored by Teachers Support Network will be stored on machines within the United States of America. If you are outside of the United States and its territories and holdings, your use of the Teacher Support Network site amounts to consent to the transfer of information into the United States.

Information Access

During the sign-up process, users will be asked to specify a unique username and corresponding password that provides users with access to their account and use the site.

Teacher accounts will be allowed to view only the following information about schools: school district name, contact name, contact email address, and, if provided, school web site address, statement/philosophy, description of school system, and general school neighborhood. Candidates can also withhold their portfolios from current employers or others they specify.

Site Security

We have implemented and maintain appropriate technical and management measures to keep your personal information secure and safe from loss, damage, corruption, or deletion. Nevertheless, we are unable to guarantee our security can not be compromised by malicious third parties.

Account Inactivity

Each teacher account on Teachers Support Network has the option of making their account inactive. This option removes the majority of the features from the account, until it is made active again. During the reactivation process, you will be required to verify your email address with the service.

Account Deletion

Should you choose to delete your account completely, please contact the proper account representative listed in the Contact section of this policy.

Validity of User Information and Links to Third-Party Websites

We serve as an intermediary between employers and prospective teachers. While we routinely inspect the database to ensure its integrity, we do not validate or authenticate any of the information entered by members or information residing on third-party websites.


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