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State Overviews

Click on one of the states listed on this page to find information about teaching careers and state certifications. Check back as more states are added.

Find Teaching Degree Programs

With the instability of many jobs due to the economy, having an advanced degree is more important than ever. By ensuring that you have the best education possible, you may be able to prevent a lay-off; or you will have a greater chance of obtaining a job with equal or better pay. If you would like to go back to school to get your master's degree in education but feel that you don't have the time because of work or family know that it is possible! With so many online schools available, like our partner http://www.ace.edu/tsn you have the option to earn your teaching degree online instead of going the traditional route. There are many benefits to earning your master's degree online, and as you conduct your research, you will discover these many benefits.

Teachers Support Network - Your Online Teacher Resource

Teachers look to us when looking for teaching jobs. At Teachers Support Network, we are dedicated to placing highly qualified teachers in every classroom and supporting them through their first years on the job. We supply the tools, techniques and teacher resources expressly focused on the recruitment and retention of highly qualified teachers.

Improving Student Learning in Public Schools

Leverage the creativity and expertise of a national and international community of outstanding educators...

Job Hunting an Increasingly Online Process

Recent graduates and career changers are increasingly looking to online sources for their next teaching jobs. Web sites dedicated to teachers, such as Teachers Support Network, position highly qualified teaching candidates before school districts eager to hire, streamlining the employment process and cutting out excess paperwork.

Landing your First Teaching Job

For candidates searching for their first teaching jobs, NEA reminds new teachers, " a smart approach to presenting yourself and picking the school that's right for you will make a big difference in getting hired--and being satisfied with the job you choose."

Becoming a Teacher?

Becoming a teacher is a life-changing decision. As you make a real difference in the lives of children, you will experience fulfillment as your students grow, learn new skills, and express their individual strengths. But becoming a teacher isn't easy.

So Who Gets that New Job in Education?

With the advent of block scheduling, technology in the classroom and the "No Child Left Behind Act," new teachers face more challenges than ever before. Candidates competing for specific jobs in education may boast similar credentials, but those actually selected share certain traits and behaviors which set them apart.

P.E.N.N.Y. Acronym Helps Teachers Find the Perfect Job

Let's face it - the current teacher job market can be difficult, even under favorable circumstances. If you are a teacher right out of college, armed with a degree but little else, you may feel at the mercy of hungry recruiters looking to fill certain jobs.

2005 Job Search Handbook

With the advent of No Child Left Behind mandates and the call for "highly qualified" teachers in every classroom by 2005/6 school year, school districts nationwide struggle to hire and retain the best candidates.