What We Do: Capabilities Overview

Teacher Recruiting and Assessment  

We begin with a teaching candidate database of tens-of-thousands of certified and lateral entry candidates across all key disciplines, including special education, bilingual, ESL, math and science. Then, we insure these candidates' preparedness by assessing them against a set of foundation skills utilizing our TeacherKeys assessment built upon ACT's WorkKeys platform. We'll also evaluate their softer approach to teaching by assessing their personal attributes: compassion, integrity, workplace habits and commitment to high ideals.

Beyond recruiting and assessment, we also have discreet modules to support application tracking, hiring and finishing, workforce/ NCLB reporting and a completely outsourced Induction/ Pre-service Orientation Academy to ensure the newly placed teachers receive the pedagogical support and the on-going teaching community support and mentoring required to ensure their success. In total, it's a comprehensive approach to the teaching candidate continuum, which we believe provides dramatic results - more cost-effective recruitment and placement and improvements to long-term retention!