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How We Work
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How We Work

Q: What's the process for getting jobs through Teachers Support Network?
A: Due to the tens of thousands of candidates who come to us, we ask that you go to our site at www.TeachersSupportNetwork.com and register using our candidate application. Then fill out your profile and personalize it as much as possible. There is opportunity for you to include a cover letter and resume details. We provide the platform to speed the process for districts to search and communicate with you about jobs. They will make the next steps if they find you to be a fit for a position. A district representative will extend to you an invite through the application (so check the site often) or they may contact you through other means like email or phone.

Q: Does Teachers Support Network actually hire teachers for public schools?
A: No. We represent various public school districts nationwide and these organizations do the actual hiring. We provide the platform and the services to assist them with recruitment and retention.


Q: Do you accept foreign candidates?
A: To complete a profile on our system, you must have a US address for contact purposes and be a US citizen or currently authorized to work in the US. You can register and receive our newsletter, but not complete a profile. Employers will require a valid Social Security Number.

Q: Do I need a teaching certificate?
A: You do need to be certified within a certain time frame if you are an "alternative route certification" candidate. The state, in cooperation with your hiring district, needs to grant you provisional or emergency certification in order to teach in a classroom, while you pursue your certification. That certification will require you to take classes in education or even earn a master's degree in education. In addition, you will need to pass subject area exams and assessments in teaching, as well as successfully demonstrate your competencies during in-room teaching observations.

Q: Do you accept non-education majors?
A: Yes. You do not need to be an education major to apply or be accepted into a classroom teaching position. However, you do need to be certified within a certain time frame if you are an "alternative route certification" candidate. (See: "Do I need a teaching certificate?") A large number of Teachers Support Network's candidates are non-education majors with a desire to teach in public schools. Upwards of 10% of new teachers hired within a year at some of our districts are "alternative route certification" candidates. Clearly, certified teachers and education majors get preference in most districts, while the remaining spots are typically granted to those who can meet the demands of high need areas (e.g. math, science, ESL, foreign language). Tens of thousands of individuals in the US get hired through this process every year. If you are en route to becoming certified, expect your certification soon, or would like to pursue certification, we encourage you to fill out a free profile with our system.

Q: What can I be qualified to teach?
A: This varies by state, but generally, your college major or a specific number of credits, and in some infrequent cases, lifetime experience, in specific subject areas qualifies you in that subject area for public school teaching. These qualifications are a consequence of the No Child Left behind (NCLB) federal legislations. See you state's Department of Education for more details.


Q: Do you offer counseling positions?
A. Districts primarily post classroom public school teaching positions at this time. However, we do list counseling as both a background qualification and subject area of interest. While schools may choose not to post counseling positions due to time and cost, they may search the data base for candidates for these positions.

Q: Do you offer administrative positions?
A: Districts primarily post classroom public school teaching positions at this time.

Q: Is there a cost for candidates to register or complete a profile?
A: Absolutely not. We do not charge candidates; rather, we are funded through various sources, including school districts which pay for our support services.

Q: What if I don't find a match for the exact job and location?
A: School districts, due to time and cost, often don't post all positions open. In large school districts, there can be hundreds to thousands of positions. They do however search the database for candidates, so it's important to have a current, active profile available.

Ranked Matches

Q: What is a ranked match?
A: Teachers Support Network has developed a proprietary algorithm that matches candidates to particular K-12 jobs based on backgrounds and preferences. These matches are then ranked according to percentage.

Q: How come I got a top match with a low rank match percentage score?
A: Matches reported with low percentage scores should still be considered by the candidate (and the district). A low percentage does not mean a poor fit, just not a perfect fit for an ideal candidate. There might be even one variable (like grade) that contributes to a low percentage, and in reality, this variable may not be of highest importance to the candidate or district. Teaching candidates should not be discouraged by low ranked matches and such matches should not be ignored by Districts.

Job Applications

Q: How do I apply for jobs?
A: In the "Teaching Central" section, you first must save jobs to your "My Jobs" file from the matched jobs available. You can also select jobs to save in your "My Jobs" when performing a search under "Job Search". Then click "apply" and that will notify your interest to the district.

Q: When should I expect to hear from school districts?
A: Districts have their own schedules and we ask our candidates to be patient.

Logins and Passwords

Q: I can't remember my password?
A: You have the opportunity, after answering your security question, to update your password.

Q: I can't remember my username?
A: Email us at info@teacherssupportnetwork.com with the email address from which you originally registered. We will email you back.

Q: Are there certain usernames or passwords I shouldn't use?
A: We suggest not using your complete email address as a username or any username or password with special characters (non-alphanumeric). These can cause problems with the system, particularly the free assessments.

Major, Minors, Subjects and Endorsement Areas

Q: I can't find my major, minor, subject or endorsement area on your list?
A: First, please email us at mark@teacherssupportnetwork.com and let us know what's missing. We will add it to the list if enough people request it. Second, in an upcoming release, we will allow you in a blank field to specify what "Other" means. You can also choose the closest major, minor, and subject or endorsement area.

Q: What is an endorsement area?
A: These are additional certifications beyond the initial certifications a teacher earns. They allow you to teach additional subject areas or levels of students.

Q: What is CEU?
A: CEU is the abbreviation for Continuing Educational Units. These are classes and workshops that teachers take for professional development and are required by some states to maintain certification.

Resumes and Cover Letters

Q: Can I cut and paste my optional information?
A: Resumes and cover letters can be cut and pasted, but often, the formatting is lost. Please review this information after hitting the "Review" button to insure your credentials are presented as desired.

Q: Can I send TSN my resume and cover letter by email?
A: Due to the tens of thousands of candidates who come to us, we ask that you go to our site at www.TeachersSupportNetwork.com and register using our candidate application. You can include a resume and cover letter in the last section (which is optional).

Updating and Reviewing

Q: How do I update or review my profile?
A: After you've completed your profile, you can preview your profile's abbreviated information section under the "My Profile" button, edit any section you desire or click 'Preview Profile View" to edit any part of the full profile. You can also activate or de-activate your profile with the "Profile Status" button.


Q. Why should I take the assessment?
A: You can distinguish yourself as a highly qualified candidate by performing well on the "TeacherKeys" assessments. Though important for all teachers, the assessments are a particularly important differentiator for alternative route certification candidates, who may not have taken standardized exams for teaching. "TeacherKeys" insures a teacher's candidacy remains highly competitive.

Q: Is there a fee?
A: To initially take the test, there is no fee for all three sections. In the future, we plan to advise you of where you can go for remediation or retaking the test. Remember, once you take a single assessment, even if you start the tutorial, you will have only 24 hours to complete that assessment, and a limited number of weeks to complete the other two assessments for free.

Q: How long does it take?
A: Please set aside an hour for each section of TeacherKeys. There are three sections.

Q: Can I study in advance? Is there a workbook?
A: The assessment is based on skill levels of college seniors nationwide. In the future, we will advise you of where you can go for preparation or remediation.

Q: How does the exam work?
A: After registration, you will have the opportunity to take them immediately or later. After you begin any one of the three tests, including the tutorial, you will have exactly 24 hours to complete that test. Once you have started one assessment, even if it's the tutorial, you have three months to complete the others-however we suggest you do it more quickly than that! At any time, you can choose not to post your scores for viewing by districts.

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